If you read my blog post about how to effectively work from your cozy home office, then this post could give you more insights on how to deal with one of your most important resourcescreativity. This can be hard to find somewhere you spend most of your time. If your office is in your rented flat, there are no outside influences to inspire you. No happy co workers to pitch ideas with or give you feedback. You are all alone in a place that always looks the same.

Now one thing you can think about it is renting a small office space in a bigger office. This lets you mix with all kinds of people in the field, like copywriters, project managers, web designers etc. You can also collaborate and pitch for new clients. However, this option is often too expensive, especially at the beginning.



It’s not impossible to find ways to be creative in your own four walls. Get a sketchbook and try drawing things in your flat. You will notice a lot of things that you haven’t paid attention to in a while. Maybe it’s a dusty lampshade, or an expired milk carton. Now take it a step further, maybe make a milk carton character interact with a lampshade. Take it a step further. Imagine the dusty lampshade and the out-of-date milk carton as characters living in this space. Take it further again. the lampshade has a dust allergy and the milk carton is oozing with black mold and smells like it could choke a donkey. Again. The kitchen has been quarantined by the authorities to prevent harm to donkeys, the owner has been sentenced to death by electric chair for negligence, the milk carton is removed by the authorities and destroyed in a controlled explosion. The lampshade is still dusty. There are no rules and no boundaries – enjoy creating random vignettes and concepts. They might be terrible, but every now and then you’ll come up with something you can use. I recommend that you do this exercise at least daily, it will not only train your technical skills but will stimulate more creative thinking in other areas of your life.



The social media platforms aren’t just there to repost some crazy cat videos. Follow inspirational sites like Dribblers, Fiverr and so on. At the moment a minimalist flat design of an avocado is the way to go. Seriously, why is everyone drawing avocados?

Also stay in touch with your favourite artists and your fellow freelancers. See if they have a Facebook page you can follow and maybe they have a project you can collaborate on. So even if you are not physically in the agency offices, you can still be present through the internet. This is also very important for your clients, because you need to stay in the forefront of the minds of those who may be in a position to offer you work.



If you have a big project coming up and you have absolutely no idea where to start, here’s a cool technique I’ve been using for years. I will open up google images, close my eyes and type in random letters/numbers/symbols and press enter. What you get are super random images, websites, faces, kitchen supplies and dead ends. I will scroll through this image chaos and let my mind wander. It could be anything small, like colours in a logo that you find interesting, or a picture of a bird that will inspire your web concept.  Try it – you will be surpised what ideas come to mind.



Sometimes the biggest solution to a creative blockage is to actually go outside, even if it’s just for half an hour. I like to go on runs and listen to loud music. It switches my mind to something else and when I come back I feel fresh and ready to tackle any work.