One woman show – that’s me. I don’t like restricting myself to one creative field, which is why I have spent the last years working hard in rounding off my creative talent with various technical skills. There is no shame in being a true allrounder.

As a child I used to love everything that had to do with crafting and painting, which led to later studying fine arts in Offenburg. I used this as a basis for my first class honours Bachelor Degree in ‚Motion Graphics and Animation Design‘ at Northumbria University, UK.
I started off with a strong animation background, but I’ve drifted to graphic design in the last few years, passionately combining all my skills in print and digital projects.

On top of freelancing I am also the Creative Director at Printkiss, an online-to-print service for invitiations and greeting cards! Check out my latest card designs here.

I can spend hours in a room with copywriters and art directors coming up with your new ad campaign. Or I can focus all my attention on making clean tables and diagrams for your next presentation. I don’t say no to any subject. No project can be too small or too boring – I love creating any kind of graphic work for any client! 

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